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Simply log onto Eventuslife.com

and complete an easy one-minute sign-up process and view all doctors in your area to book an appointment online, receive and share records with them, or even buy medicines on the go! Eventus Life is the only platform that lets you access all healthcare-related services in one place, and on your fingertips too.


Locate a doctor online
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and even view their credentials along with location Consultation Hours, Fees and an option to book appointments online. Get discount offers that are sometimes offered by the doctors themselves. With a growing network of over 2,500 doctors that specialize in Paediatrics, General Medicine, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dentistry, etc., spread over 7 locations in and around Delhi, Eventus Life gets you in touch with the best doctor online.

What's more

Save your body vitals online on Eventus Life for easy reference and share with a doctor online.

Enter simple details like your body weight, height and even extensive data like your blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, respiration, and even the oxygen level in your blood. You can even receive consultation reports from a doctor, and maintain your health records or your family's health records on Eventus Life, so you can easily share those with other doctors when you book appointments online with us.


When you log onto Eventus Life

you will able to see your prescriptions and choose to order those medicines online through Eventus Life itself.

If you're a doctor who runs a clinic or consults at your own place, you too can register on Eventuslife.com to help out more and spread smiles. The facility for self-registration is also available to local pharmacies, local labs and diagnostic centres, as well as hospitals to increase visibility and reach within the local community.

Right from finding doctors online to buying medicines, Eventus Life makes accessing quality healthcare easy. You can also find us on Google Play Store and Apple Play Store to get all these services by a swish on your smartphone.

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