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Our Vision


To reduce the number of patient deaths and complications by enabling access to patient health record at the point of care irrespective of the source where the data was captured.


To allow data to flow with the patient seamlessly irrespective of the healthcare provider he/she accesses. The healthcare providers may be clinics, specialty centres, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, diagnostic centres, or others. Our aim is to connect every healthcare provider with each other as well as the patient so that life-saving data relevant for that patient is available at the click of a button.

We believe technology MUST work for the healthcare sector as it does for others such as airline, retail, banking, etc. Technology works hand-in-hand with these latter sectors technology CAN become a strategic partner for healthcare too! We just need to (a) get technology to be simple yet powerful to use, (b) clinicians, nurses and other healthcare providers to change their way of current working i.e. from 'paper' to 'eRecords', and (c) give each other a chance – technologists to understand what the care provider needs and care providers to sincerely give technology a try and see the ROI!

Return on Investment (ROI) to healthcare providers:

YOU are important to us!

Whether you are a patient or a care provider or an allied health service, providing high quality health data at the click of a button is our mission.


Patients – Aapke health ka digital saathi (Your digital health pal).

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