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Our Eventus Hospital suite of products is aimed at helping hospitals pick and choose either our complete hospital management system or only the modules they require to enhance and ensure the smooth running of their establishment.


  • Complete outpatient management solution including patient registration, online appointment booking through, on-site appointment booking, calendar management, appointment rescheduling and cancelation with patient intimation.
  • Queue management system, and inventory management
  • Clinical consultation recording including patient history/allergies, problems, examinations, diagnosis, prescriptions, and lab test requests, billing, and much more.


  • An effective inpatient care management solution including admission, triage, nursing care, and doctor care
  • Drug administration and prescription with integration with hospital pharmacy and billing,
  • Inventory management, bed and ward management, problem/diagnosis recording, surgery requests and management
  • Discharge summary preparation with automatic billing and other care record inclusion before final sign-off.


  • Invoicing seamlessly integrated with the inpatient, outpatient, and inventory management systems with the help of back-end rate cards.
  • Ability to view paid and unpaid patient invoices along with advance payment and part-payment options.
  • Ability to have Advance Payments to set-off against invoices generated.


  • Ability to create customisable hospital consultation rooms layout
  • General and VIP token systems with customizable token generation formats
  • Ability to monitor queues for entire OPD clinic as well as per doctor
  • Colour coding to differentiate between patients in queue and those who have been called by a doctor
  • Multi-device display of token numbers


  • Stock keeping of different items such as pharmaceutical products, disposables, laundry, etc.
  • Customisable categorization of various stock types.
  • Ability to create packages and integrate with billing and consultation
  • Auto-update stock levels on consumption
  • Ability to dispense the oldest batch of pharmaceutical products first


  • Ability to create customized hospital building and floor layout with wards and beds.
  • Colour-coded specification of free, occupied, and in-preparation beds
  • Central view of bed and ward occupancy to better plan admissions and discharge.
  • Ability to create alerts at cleaning stations when beds are ready post discharge.


  • A complete pharmacy solution that includes inventory and stock-taking, low stock alerts, batch creation with option to dispense batch closest to expiry first
  • Point of sale (POS) module to manage and control sales, generate reports based on day-wise, month-wise etc sales made etc. POS is integrated with inventory
  • Purchase order generation for low-stock and new stock items
  • Ability to accept return of medications of unused items before patient discharge


  • A customizable lab/diagnostic system to enable you to choose either lab or diagnostics or both services
  • Ability to receive lab/diagnostic requests, assign to a role or person, record results and generate reports
  • DICOM viewer integrated to allow for image viewing and annotation. Ability to save annotation and provide the same in the diagnostic reports
  • Ability to integrate with OPD, IPD, and radiology systems as well as billing.


  • Hospital-level data analytics to help you understand your patient and hospital’s performance better through data intelligence
  • Ability to view multi-dimensional data and drill down to highly granular data
  • Graphical display of data such as most frequently prescribed medications, most prevalent problems and diagnoses made, patient visit frequencies, demographics of patients registered with hospital, invoices pending and cleared, tests most frequently conducted etc.


  • Easy to use administrative settings to assign rights and privileges to various hospital users e.g. front staff, nurse, doctor, surgeon, support staff etc.
  • Customise print settings
  • Assign various hospital service rates and discounts
  • View complete invoicing of the entire hospital
  • Customise and/or add hospital letters such as Sick Notes, Referral Letters, and Transfer Notes etc.
  • SMS service settings to communicate effectively with patients.


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